Lovely Liz

They say that rain at a wedding is good luck and if that is the case, they are the luckiest couple I have met because it rained the entire time (July 14th, who would’ve thought?). This wedding was one of my favorite of the year. I got to know Liz very well and she became one of my good friends. On top of that, she is literally one of the MOST creative and artistically talented people I know. She hand painted all the signs and decorations at her wedding and added the special details that are so vital to a lovely wedding. Her family also had a HUGE collection of family heirloom silver that she wanted to use in the wedding. I thought this was so special, some of the pieces dated back to 1877! We used all of the silver on the long tables and brought in soft elements of fruits mixed with ethereal blushes, lilacs, peaches, and creams. Best part of the wedding? The petting zoo. Really. She had a farm dog (my favorite!), bunnies, pigs, goats, and a horse! There was a wash station for the guests to clean up at before devouring the delicious food and cotton candy! Second best part of her wedding? She let me do a floral crown for her hair, she made the base with wire and pearls and I added the garden roses and blackberries. Stunning. I can’t wait to share more photos from the pre-wedding session. I wish Liz and Jordan the most happiness! Thank you to Jaclyn Davis Photography for the gorgeous photos! You can see her fascinating work here:

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