Labor Of Love

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As you know, I spent my summer in sunny Lubbock, Texas. And made some of the best friends ever. One of those, Becca of Becca Lea Photography, asked me if I would create a bouquet for one of her bridal clients’ shoots. I was three weeks from my due date and told her that “Sure, I don’t plan on being in labor that day!” Well, Tuesday rolled around and I rounded up all the flowers for the shoot the next day, and what do you know, I started having contraction pains at 1:00am. I wasn’t sure if they were real labor pains or not but they were coming every 10 minutes so I thought, “Dang, I better get this bouquet done just in case!” Turns out, doing a bouquet while in labor makes the time pass quite fast, and I was done with it by about 4:30am. I then took a shower, got ready, and drove to the hospital! By this time the contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes and the nurse said that I was indeed having a baby that day. I called up my dear friend Andressa and had her coordinate the pick up of the bouquet from my place…. and here you have it! My labor of love bouquet! Thank you to Becca for the STUNNING pics.

Styled Shoot All The Way From Texas… and Grey Likes Weddings Feature

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This last summer while pregnant with Kai, my husband’s company decided to send him out on a project…… to Lubbock, Texas. Yes, it was hot. Yes, my ankles became kankles. And yes, I had the time of my life. I LOVED it down there. I also magically became friends with some very talented wedding ladies, namely Allie and Andie (amazing wedding designer and planner wrapped into one), Becca Lea (amazing film photographer) and Savannah King (hair and makeup extraordinaire). So…. being wedding people we did what we love to do and put a shoot together! It was featured on Grey Likes Weddings here. Love my Texas Gals.


  He came! His name is Kai Lyle Rovig and we love him to pieces.


Exciting News!



Last year for Kelly Packer’s wedding I decided that I hated the way traditional corsages looked, and I proceeded to put a garden rose on a gold cuff bracelet for her mother and mother in law.  The effect it had was huge! It look completely updated and fresh. This year I am doing something even newer(or should I say older). I have decided to go back to floral roots and tie them on with a silk ribbon, a la’ 18th century! Excited to use these for my gorgeous June bride in Tri-Cities, Washington.

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Lilac Love

Here is a quick sneak peek of the mini-shoot with Andra of Portraits By Andra. I love how fresh and romantic these images look and I can’t wait to show you more. Until then!


Photoshoot Sneak

Tonight I am teaming up with Andra from Portraits by Andra, who is a photographer in the Tri-cities, Washington. Here is a sneak peak of the flowers we are using- Lilacs and smilax. So excited for tonight!

Roots II

We moved! That’s right, Lemon Blossom Designs is now available to brides in the Tri-cities, Washington area. That means Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland! (We can also do East Oregon;) We are excited for the sunshine and bountiful fields. Also, as an introduction to the area, all brides who use us can take 10% off their entire order for the year of 2013. Just mention this post! Happy wedding season!

Photo Credit: Ross William/ The Hamilton/ The Oregonian

Fall Styled Shoot

I looked back through the blog and couldn’t believe I didn’t post this yet! It was featured on the beautiful Ruffled blog and has been pinned on Pinterest. Much thanks to the Awesome Jaclyn Davis (one of my all-time favorite photographers) and Flora Bond for the set up and gorgeous hair pieces.


New Roots

2012 was our best year yet!

Thank you to all of the amazing clients I got to work with. My husband will be searching for a job and we will be moving so currently Lemon Blossom Designs will be not accepting any new weddings or events until we put permanent “roots” down. I am so excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to see where Lemon Blossom Designs will go next!

Photography by Jordyn Blair