Photo credit: Jennifer Hayward Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Hayward Photography


Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: Yes, for 2018 and 2019, the minimum amount to book a wedding with us is $3000

Q: Why do you require a minimum?

A: We have found that we do our most beautiful and unique work when we have a certain amount of variety in the flowers.... and variety = $$$. We love to use a lot of premium cost flowers as well such as garden roses, dahlias, citrus fruits, and unique vines.... which usually have to be shipped in overnight from California. Each overnighted box of flowers costs us $90! Because we take on such a limited amount of events per year, we want to make sure each is as stunning as the next.

Q: How do you price flowers and what is the cost?

A: Instead of pricing out each individual item, we are making it simple! You hire us to work on your event, we will charge you a project management and design fee to hire us that is based on your guest count. From there, we will charge you wholesale(!) on all your flowers and supplies..... From there we add on sales tax and we are good to go! We think this is a good deal- we get paid for working( as most people need to be paid for work!) and you get wholesale prices on the flowers! 

Q: What about travel to areas such as McCall, Sun Valley, and Utah? 

A: We LOVE our Idaho Mountains! The pricing above stays the same, we just ask that you book us and our crew an air bnb in the location! One night is a minimum, and two is a minimum if we are cleaning up after the event.